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Advisory Council Bylaws


The purpose of the EECE Advisory Council shall be:

1. To take a leadership role in encouraging department alumni and friends to provide service and financial support to the department.
2. To provide a connection among EECE faculty, students, and the organizations represented by council members.
3. To provide advice about EECE research and degree programs.


The EECE Advisory Council (Council) is composed of 15 members. The presence of a majority of the current Council members will constitute a quorum.

The members are appointed by the EECE Department Head with advice from current Council members and from the department faculty. The term of membership is three years with a maximum of two consecutive terms. Terms will be staggered so that one-third of the members will be appointed/reappointed each year. Retiring members are eligible for reappointment after a one-year period. Membership will be on a calendar year basis.

The five members attending the Spring 2000 meeting will serve three year terms through December 31, 2002. Ten new members will be recruited. Five will serve terms from January 1, 2001 through December 31, 2003, and five members will serve initial terms from January 1, 2001 through December 31, 2004.

In the event a Council member must leave the Council prior to the expiration of their original term, a replacement member shall be appointed by the EECE Department Head to fill the remaining term of office. A council member, in collaboration with the President, may appoint a substitute for a meeting. This substitute will participate as a member for one meeting and will count towards a quorum.

Membership of the Council is expected to be representative of the diverse activities and constituencies of the department as well as a diversity of industries. The EECE Department Head is an ex-officio member of the Council.


The officers shall be President, President-elect, and Secretary. The President-elect is elected annually from the membership of the council and becomes President upon the completion of the term of the current President. The President may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. The Secretary shall be the EECE Department Head or someone designated by the Department Head. The officers are chosen without regard for their normal period of service on the Council, and their appointment is automatically extended until the end of their tenure in office if their three-year term as member expires during their term of service.

The President shall preside over meetings of the Council and provide guidance in achievement of its goals. The President-elect shall preside over council meetings in the absence of the President. The immediate past President shall serve as head of the nominating committee. Members of the nominating committee are appointed annually by the President of the Council. The Secretary shall record and publish the minutes of all council meetings and keep the permanent records of the council.

At the conclusion of the annual meeting the nominating committee will present nominations for the President-elect. All nominees must be active Council members at the time of their nomination. A simple majority of votes cast by members present is required for election. When the nominating committee recommends the current-President serve another term, then the President-elect and immediate past President will also serve an additional term.

Officers who must leave the Council for any reason will be replaced by election at the next scheduled Council meeting.


The Council normally meets in the spring of each academic year in conjunction with Engineering Open House. In addition to the regular meeting held each year, special meetings of the Council may be called by the President. The Council normally acts as a committee of the whole, but committees may be appointed by the President to undertake specific assignments.

The President, in collaboration with the ECE Department Head, is responsible for arrangements for each meeting. The Department Head, in collaboration with the President, shall prepare the agenda for each meeting and send it to all members of the Council at least ten days prior to each meeting. At the end of each meeting, the Council shall make suggestions for the agenda for the next meeting.

Bylaws Revision

Revisions to the bylaws can be proposed by any Council member or by the ECE Department Head. Proposed revisions must be distributed to all members of the Council at least ten days prior to when action on the proposals will be taken. A two-thirds majority of all members present is required for approval.

Disclaimer of Liability

The Council does, by this article, for itself and on behalf of its individual members, disclaim any and all liability for any losses, claims, demands, or actions arising or resulting from the recommendations or advice made or given in good faith to Kansas State University pursuant to the activities anticipated herein. It is intended that Kansas State University exercise independent judgement and evaluate for itself the usefulness of the advice and recommendations so given.