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Annual Research Reports

Faculty and students at K-State participate in research spanning the full breadth of the ECE field. Projects range from computer hardware and software development, to robotics, biomedical instrumentation, telecommunications, networking, electromagnetics, circuit/IC design, signal-processing, power generation/distribution, and artificial intelligence.

These projects are sponsored by an equally wide range of government and corporate agencies, including NASA, Honeywell, Sandia National Laboratories, and the National Science Foundation.

While most projects concentrate on developing next-generation engineering technologies, our research extends to the educational mission as well, through NSF research experience for undergraduates (REU) and course/curriculum laboratory improvement (CCLI) grants.

This dual-focus assures that the undergraduate and graduate programs grow together, providing all students with the education they need to succeed, and excel, in their future careers.

Descriptions of some recent and on-going projects is provided below, together with information on the research groups involved. Additional information can be found by browsing our list of faculty interest areas and our extensive laboratory facilities.


Annual Department Research Reports

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Primary Research Areas

Biomedical Systems

Research in the biomedical systems area includes the development of devices for both human and animal health care,as well as creating and using epidemic models as tools to study effective approaches for mitigation of epidemics in humans, animals, and plants.

Communications and Networking

This area has various aspects of research being performed by faculty in both electrical and computer engineering.  Activities include:  1) the design of low-power wireless radios; 2) the development of new theoretical and applied principles to wireless communication systems, sensor networks, and signal processing systems; and 3) theoretical and applied research in future networking topics.  

Embedded Systems Applications

Research conducted in the embedded systems area covers a wide range of topics including the following:  artificial intelligence, evolutionary computing, embedded devices for human space activities, memory architectures for supercomputing, and systems for measuring transportation surfaces.

Power and Energy Systems

The power and energy systems area includes research in wind and solar, Smart Grid, power electronics, distribution systems, and transmission systems.