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Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Don Gruenbacher

Don Gruenbacher
Department Head and Associate Professor
George and Alice Fiedler Chair
 3109 Engineering Hall
 (785) 532-4692
Research Interests: 
Data Communications, Digital Design, Error Control Coding, HDL Synthesis and Modeling, Intrusion Detection, Networking, Networks Protocols


Ph.D. 1994, Kansas State University.


ECE 015 - New Student Assembly, ECE 115 - New Student Design Project, ECE 542 - Computer Networking, ECE 641 - Advanced Digital Design


Research Interests

Networks Protocols

Data communications

Software Defined Networking

Error control coding

Network security

Digital design

HDL synthesis and modeling

Selected Publications

Wu, H.; Li, X.; Scoglio, C.; Gruenbacher, D.; Andresen, D., "Size-based Flow Management Prototype for Dynamic DMZ." 2015 11th International Conference on Design of Reliable Communication Networks (DRCN), IEEE, 2015.

Bose, S. , Natarajan, B. , Scoglio, C.M. , Schulz, N.N. , Gruenbacher, D.M. , Das, S., “Shipboard power systems reconfiguration - A cyber-physical framework for response time analysis,”2014 IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics

Fariba Fateh, and Don Gruenbacher "Minimization of Power Losses and Harmonic Distortions in Grid-Tied Cascaded Multilevel Inverters", accepted for presentation at the 29th Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), March 2014. 

Fariba Fateh, Warren N. White, and Don Gruenbacher, A Nonlinear Control Scheme for Extremum Power Seeking in Wind Turbine Energy Conversion Systems, accepted for the 2014 IEEE American Control Conference

Dwight Day, Xiongjie Dong, William Kuhn, Don Gruenbacher, Balasubramaniam Natarajan, Tim Sobering, Mohammed Taj-Eldin, Steve Warren, Thomas Barstow, Ryan Broxterman, Arlie Stonestreet II, "Biomedical Sensing and WirelessTechnologies for Long Duration EVAs and Precursor Scout Missions," 2014 IEEE Aerospace Conference.

Sydney, A., Nutaro, J., Scoglio, C., Gruenbacher, D., & Schulz, N., “Simulative comparison of multiprotocol label switching and OpenFlow network technologies for transmission operations.”  IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 4(2), 763-770.

A. Sydney, D. Ochs, R. Miller, C. Scoglio, D.Gruenbacher, “Using GENI For Experimental Evaluation of Software Defined Networking in Smart Grids”, Computer Networks, January 2014.




Department Head for Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2007-present

Senior Administrative Team, College of Engineering, 2007-present

Program Committee, 2015 ECE Department Heads Assoc (ECEDHA) Annual Meeting

Vice-president, Central States ECE Department Heads Association, 2014-2015

Secretary-treasurer, Central States ECE Department Heads Association, 2013-2014


2003 Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Faculty Member

2001 Mortar Board Outstanding Faculty Member Recognition

Nominee for the C. Holmes MacDonald Outstanding Teaching Award (2000 and 2001)

Other Notable Achievements

Head of the Department 2007-present