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Donald Lenhert

Donald Lenhert
Research Interests: 
IDDQ Testing, Microprocessor Applications, Real-Time Embedded Systems, Testing of Digital Systems



Ph.D. 1966 , University of New Mexico.
M.S. 1958,Syracuse University.

Other Courses Taught

EECE241 Intro Computer Engineering

EECE533 Real-Time Electronics

EECE631 Microcomputer System Design

EECE633 Real-Time Embedded Systems

EECE645 Digital Electronics

EECE733 Real-Time Embedded System Design

EECE690 Prb/Basic R/T Electronic

EECE746 Fault Diag Digital Systems

Research Interests

Real-Time Embedded Systems

Microprocessor applications

Testing of Digital Systems

IDDQ testing

Selected Publications

J. Wei, N. Zhang, D. Lenhert, and S. Han, "An Overview and Comparison of Time-Triggered Protocols for X-By-Wire Applications", Paper 053090, 2005 ASAE Annual International Meeting, Tampa, FL 17-20, July 2005.


J. Wei, N. Zhang, N. Wang, D. Lenhert, M. Neilsen, M. Mizuno, and G. Singh, " A Structural and Modular Approach to Implement Communication Interface for Tractor Electronics Communication Using CAN Kingdom",ASAE Paper No. 02-1178, American Society of Agricultural Engineers, ASAE 2002 Annual International Meeting, July 28-31, 2002.


M. Mizuno, D. Lenhert, M. Neilsen, G. Singh, N. Zhang, and A. Gross, "A Case Study of Interdisciplinary Teaching at Kansas State", In Proceedings of the 2002 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition, Session 1320, Montreal, Quebec, 2002.



Webmaster, IEEE Test Technology Technical Committee, Newsletter Editor- IEEE Design & Test, 1988 - 2001.

NSF, Real-Time Embedded Systems Combined Research and Curriculum Development, 1999 - 2002.


Eta Kappa Nu Distinguished Faculty Award 2000.

Other Notable Achievements

ALU-Based Programmable MISR/Pseudorandom Generator for Self-Test. No. 5416783, Granted 5/16/95.