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Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Monday, October 10th:
5:00 - 7:00    Workshop networking reception
                     Location: Vera Cruz 1
Tuesday, October 11th:
8:00     Hotel Breakfast
            Complimentary through hotel
8:45     Welcome
            Location: Vera Cruz 2
9:00     Alex Vespignani
  The global epidemic and mobility model: a computational approach to
  infectious disease spreading
9:30     Bryan Lewis
            Applications of highly detailed simulations
10:00   Huijuan Wang
            Dynamics on networks characterized by spectral radius
10:30   Morning Break
11:00   Tim Carpenter
            Simulating the spread and control of foot-and-mouth disease, from one to
            a million plus
11:30   Vittoria Colizza
  Seeds clustering and sentinel farm identification for disease spreading on
  dynamical cattle trade networks
12:00   Hong Liu
            Epirur_Cattle: an agent-based model of beef cattle movements in U.S.A.
12:30   Working lunch
            Location: Vera Cruz 1
2:00     Ken Linthicum
            Advances in forecasting emerging vector-borne diseases
2:30     Ling Xue
            Network-based metapopulation model for Rift Valley fever
3:00     Lee Cohnstaedt
            Enhancing vector-borne disease modeling with population genetics data
3:30     Afternoon Break
4:00     Steve Warren
            Wearable/ingestible sensors to acquire animal-level state of health in
            cattle herds
4:30     Karen Garrett
            Multi-scale modeling of the effects of climate variability on disease risk
5:00     Berhanu Tameru
            The Role of the Epidemiologic Problem Oriented Approach (EPOA) Methodology
            in the Development of Computational Models of Diseases
Wednesday, October 12th:
8:00     Hotel Breakfast
            Complimentary through hotel
9:00     H Morgan Scott
            Wanted: robust mathematical models of enteric bacterial resistance
            to antimicrobials
9:30     Michael Sanderson
            Multiscale modeling issues for E. coli O157 in cattle
10:00   Morning Break
10:30   Duygu Balcan
            Phase transitions in contagion processes mediated by recurrent
            mobility patterns
11:00   Scott Duke-Sylvester
            Recovering epidemic processes from the molecular evolution of the pathogen
11:30   Workshop Closing Remarks
12:00   Adjournment