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What is an A, B, C, or D Student?

What is an A, B, C, or D student?

When looking at grades, there are several subjective items which influence my thinking, as well as objective things such as exam scores. Here are SOME of the points I consider.

'A' student: Work is clearly superior to peers, demonstrates a thorough understanding of the material through applications, testing, or discussions. Shows leadership in class discussions and initiative in assignments. Asks questions in class, seeks help from instructor to gain understanding. Rarely misses class.

'B' student: Work is always above average and occasionally better, understands the material in general but demonstrates some lapses, makes some grammar and spelling errors. Contributes to class discussions on an irregular basis, and to class projects when asked. Class attendance is less than 90%.

'C' student: Does mostly average work compared to peers, demonstrates some difficulty in understanding the material, work is occasionally careless, makes more than average mistakes in grammar and spelling. Only contributes to class discussions when asked directly, contributes to class projects only when prodded. Class attendance is less than 70%.

'D' student: Consistently does below average work, makes numerous careless errors, work is late or incomplete, grammar and spelling knowledge seems nonexistent. Resents being asked questions in class, other students have to pick up slack in class projects. Class attendance is less than 50% and inattentive when in class. And what about the "F" student? Well, there is actually very little difference between a D and F student.