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Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Kansas State University
Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Computer Engineering

The objective of the computer engineering program at KSU is to prepare you for a professional career in engineering.  Our goal is to provide you with the best possible education within the guidlines provided by the ABET.

The computer engineering currciulum provides:

  • An understanding of basic sciences, mathematics and communication skills.
  • A theoretical basis in electrical engineering.
  • The application of basic concepts to practical problems.
  • Advanced skills in problem solving where hardware and software trade-offs are necessary.
  • A strong laboratory experience stressing system design and implementation.
  • A general education that complements the technical content.
  • An understanding of the ethical, social, safety and economic factors required for engineering practice.

A sequence of advanced courses stressing engineering design and based on earlier courses prepare the student for the entry-level positions in the profession.

Computer engineering areas of specialization are architecture and design; embedded systems; and mulitimedia and networking.

A flowchart graphically depicting the curriculum can be found here.