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Biomedical Computing and Devices Laboratory

Biomedical Computing and Devices Lab

Kansas State University
3098 Engineering Hall
1701D Platt St
Manhattan, KS 66506

Phone: (785) 532-3358

Email: prakashp@ksu.edu


Openings in the BCDL

We are always looking to work with self-motivated students who are interested in our research. Our inter-disciplinary work provides research opportunities in: image-guided interventions, medical devices, applied electromagnetics, antennas, computational modeling, bioheat transfer, and medical instrumentation.

Graduate students interested in pursuing research with the lab are encouraged to contact Punit Prakash (prakashp@ksu.edu). Please include a brief description of why you are interested in the research, previous research experience, and attach a copy of your CV. 


August 2018:

- Jan Sebek joined the lab as a post-doctoral researcher.

- Faraz Chamani started his master in the BCDL lab.

July 2018:

Precision Microwave Awarded Competitive Grant from the National Science Foundation

Small Business Innovation Research Program Provides Seed Funding for R&D

Precision Microwave Inc., founded by Austin Pfannenstiel, has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant for $225,000 to conduct research and development (R&D) work on directional microwave ablation (MWA) applicators for minimally invasive treatment of cancer.

June 2018: 

- Dr. Prakash has been named the recipient of the Paul L. Spainhour Professorship in Electrical Engineering.

IMS 2018 graduate student challenge award

- Hojjat Fallahi won the IEEE Microwave Theory and Technique Society graduate student challenge award at IMS 2018.

May 2018: 

- Hojjat Fallahi received IMS 2018 Ph.D. Student Sponsorship Initiative award.

- Hojjat Fallahi received Johnson Cancer Research Center graduate student travel award.

April 2018: 

Congratulations to Ph.D. candidate, Pegah Faridi! She successfully passed her candidacy exam.

 Austin's defense

- Congrats to Austin Pfannenstiel for successfully defending his master's thesis.

- Pegah Faridi's paper "Evaluating the effect of uterine fibroids on the endometrial ablation profile of a 915 MHz microwave applicator" was accepted in EMBC 2018.

March 2018: Hojjat Fallahi's paper "Measurement of Broadband Temperature-Dependent Dielectric Properties of Liver Tissue" was nominated for the best student paper in IMBioC 2018.

February 2018:Congrats to Dr. Prakash and team on their $1.3M NIH grant to "develop flexible microwave ablation devices with precise control of microwave radiation that can be delivered to lung tumors via a bronchoscope".

January 2018: Congrats to Austin White for starting his career at Boeing.

December 2017: MSc student Austin White defended his thesis "Assessment of non-parallel antenna insertion on the outcome of multiple-applicator microwave tissue ablation".

October 2017:

- Congratulations to Dr. Prakash for his new patent publication! (http://www.freepatentsonline.com/20170265940.pdf)

- Congratulations to Ghina Zia for receiving a gold medal for her Master degree in Biomedical Engineering on Oct. 5, 2017 in National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan. 

August 2017: PhD student Ghina Zia joined the group.

July 2017:Congratulations to Austin Pfannenstiel for winning the overall grand prize of the Kansas State University Launch a Business program.

May 2017:Daniel Clausing and Whitney Cox were respectively selected to receive the first and third place awards in 2017 Engineering Undergraduate Research Poster Competition.

March 2017:Dr. Prakash was named as Michelle Munson-Serban Simu Keystone Research Faculty Scholars. 

June 2016: Yuqi Song (MSc) and Hojjat Fallahi (PhD) joined the group.

August 2015: PhD student Pegah Faridi joined the group.

August 2015: NSF sponsored project on round-the-clock health status assessment of special needs children commences. (PI: Steve Warren, Punit Prakash is a co-PI) 

June 2015: Jan Sebek joins the lab as a visiting PhD student for one year from Czech Technical University. Aleix Garcia joins the lab as a visiting PhD student for Summer 2015 from University of Barcelona.

April 2015: Sergio Curto receives a New Investigator Award at the Society for Thermal Medicine Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL for his work on a microwave hyperthermia applicator for targeting breast cancer. Congratulations!

August 2014: Punit Prakash and Steve Warren organized and co-chaired a special session on the design of instrumentation for round-the-clock assessment of children with special needs. Punit presented a paper within this session and was co-chair for two other sessions. 

July 2014: Mohammed Taj-Eldin presents a paper at the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium in Memphis, TN.

May 2014: Brogan McWilliams wins a Young Investigator Award at the Society for Thermal Medicine Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN. At the meeting, Brogan presented results of the research Emily Schnell and he conducted on a directional microwave antenna for tissue ablation. Congratulations! Punit presented a talk on frequency considerations for microwave ablation systems at the same meeting.