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Following our first successful GROW partnership, our group decided to design and organize a workshop dedicated entirely to bioengineering. "Engineering the Body" used design competitions and experiments to showcase how engineering and medicine combine.
We presented a paper titled, "Service Design Projects Sponsored by the Kansas State University Student Chapter of the IEEE EMBS" at the 2008 EMB Conference in Vancouver, Canada.
EMBS recently took a tour of the Terry C. Johnson Center for Basic Cancer Research. It allowed us to get a firsthand look at the multi-disciplinary ensemble required to further the understanding of these diseases.
Several of our members participated in the Helping Hands Workshop hosted by GROW, an organization dedicated to bringing middle school girls into science and engineering. The heart-monitoring Vital Signs T-Shirts were a big hit!
EMBS was lucky enough to have two representatives from Cerner Corporation attend a general body meeting to speak about careers in healthcare information technology.


  • September 21, 11:00am-4:00pm - All-University Career Fair (Employers K-Z) - Bramlage Coliseum

  • September 22, 11:00am-4:00pm - All-University Career Fair (Employers A-J) - Bramlage Coliseum

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