EMBS Projects

Providing support for both individual and group projects is one of several ways that our chapter prepares members for potential careers in the bioengineering field. These projects are primarily hosted by the K-State Medical Component Design Laboratory, but also draw from other individual research and teaching laboratories. Our design teams have produced real solutions for people suffering from both Parkinson's disease and arthritis, including, a stabilized computer mouse, a battery removal tool, and a wireless door actuation and communication system. For more information on these projects or how to get involved, simply contact one of our officers.

The second facet of our community involvement has been the hosting of science and engineering workshops with our friends at GROW: Girls Researching Our World to excite sixth, seventh, and eighth grade girls about potential careers in bioengineering. We have designed and hosted several hands-on experiments including heart-monitoring T-Shirts, noise-filtering circuits, and fluid powered artificial limbs.

We drew from both our research to aid persons with disabilities and our GROW workshops to author our group's second conference paper, titled "Service Design Projects Sponsored by the Kansas State University Student Chapter of the IEEE EMBS" [1]. Our first effort at a conference paper, "Experiences and Lessons Learned..." details the motivation, approach, and results related to the initial decision to establish our EMBS chapter [2]. The writing process is a great chance to get involved with EMBS, and provides valuable experience with both organizing and documenting research.


[1]     C. Griffith, L. Gruber, E. Young, J. Humphrey, S. Warren, "Service Design Projects Sponsored by the Kansas State University Student Chapter of the IEEE EMBS," Proceedings of the 30th Annual International IEEE EMBS Conference, Vancouver, Canada, pp. 1587-1590, August 2008. Full Text PDF

[2]     L. Celebi, L. Pickel, M. Sprouse, S. A. Dyer, S. Warren, "Experiences and Lessons Learned from the Formation of a New IEEE EMBS Student Chapter," Proceedings of the 28th Annual International IEEE EMBS Conference, New York City, USA, pp. 5651-5654, August 2006. Full Text PDF


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