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Electrical & Computer Engineering

Circuit Simulation Software

    • gEDA
      A project to create free software electronic design automation tools is called gEDA. This project has two versions of Spice, ngspice and tclSpice.


  • Linux versions
    Many major circuit simulation packages, such as Spice, have been ported to work with Linux. These may be found on the Linux distribution sites and mirrors, for example at ibiblio.


  • MS versions
    Many circuit simulation packages have been ported to MSDOS or Windows, and are available either as "shareware," "freeware," or "demos." There are many locations for these, but a good way to find one, if you know its name, is to use "Google." 


    • ngspice is the best current choice for a free software SPICE program. It combines Spice3f5 with Xspice and Cider.
      ngspice can be downloaded in binary form for MS Windows, and in binary and source form for Linux.
    • The U.C.Berkeley Spice page has links to the original SPICE sources and interactive documentation for SPICE.
    • PSpice, evaluation (student) version, is no longer availabe for download from Cadence. You have to register and get the full set of demo software they make. Earlier downloaded versions of PSpice9.1 may still be available from other sites. (Here for example.)

    A note about versions of Berkeley Spice. 
    Spice2 is the FORTRAN version on which many commerical versions have been based. The last Berkeley release was version 2G6. Its sources and binaries may be found in archives for Linux and MSDOS. 
    Spice3 is the "c" version which has an interactive command interface and X11 graphics support. The last Berkeley released version is 3F4, but patches on the Berkeley archive for it lead to a version often called 3F5 but sometimes still called 3F4 (as with an old Redhat rpm package).

    The ngspice project is based on Berkeley Spice3. If you wish to build your own Spice3 from source, get the ngspice latest version.