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Project 4


Due: Wednesday, October 30, 1996

The objective of this project is to evaluate distribution system reconfiguration based on the paper by Civanlar, Grainger, Yin, and Lee.

  1. Derive Equation A.8 of the paper. Students taking this class for undergraduate credit are not required to do this step.
  2. Run load flow separately for FEEDER-I, FEEDER-II, and FEEDER-III of the system given on page 1219. (When I ran load flow, I got results slightly different from the ones given in the paper)
  3. Using the criterion specified in the paper determine possible reconfiguration alternatives.
  4. Evaluate the case that is the best according to the paper and two more of your choice using load flow to verify the results given in the paper.
  5. Pick one case which does not meet the criterion to see if the losses actually increase.

Use any loadflow program for this project. Include a table summarizing your findings in your report.