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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mike Wiegers Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
3108 Engineering Hall
1701D Platt St.
Manhattan, KS 66506
Fax: 785-532-1188

Hours: Monday-Friday
8 a.m.-noon, 1-5p.m.

Mohammad Shadmand | Assistant Professor

FaqiryMichelle Munson-Serban Simu Keystone Research Scholar

Director of Power Electronics & Autonomous Systems Research Laboratory

Ph.D. - 2015, Texas A&M University
Electrical Engineering
M.S. - 2012, Texas A&M University
Electrical Engineering
B.Sc. - 2010, Qatar University
Electrical Engineering

Contact Information

3074 Engineering Hall
Personal Website

Professional Experience

Shadmand was a research associate in renewable energy and advanced power electronics research laboratory, TX, USA from 2010-2015. He was a visiting researcher with Smart Grid Center, Texas A&M University at Qatar from May to Aug. 2014.  He was an instructor in the department of electrical and computer engineering, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA from August 2015 to December 2016, where he was teaching undergraduate and graduate power electronics courses. He was TEES research engineer in renewable energy and advanced power electronics research laboratory, TX, USA from August 2016 to August 2017, where he served as the principal investigator of a 1 MW medium-voltage SiC based photovoltaic grid-tied inverter project in collaboration with Professor Abu-Rub in Texas A&M University at Qatar. 


Shadmand's research interests include:

  • DC microgrids
  • Smart transformers
  • Advanced model predictive control for power electronics interfaces 
  • Photovoltaic balance of systems
  • Optimization of community scale hybrid energy systems
  • Hierarchical control of microgrid systems
  • Wide band gap based power electronics interfaces
  • Grid integration of solar and wind generation systems
Academic Highlights
  • Michelle Munson-Serban Simu Keystone Research Scholar
  • Published more than 50 journal and peer reviewed conference papers.
  • PI for a 1 MW, SiC based medium-voltage photovoltaic inverter project
  • Awarded best thesis in the International IEEE  Industry Application Society (IAS) Graduate Thesis Contest for M. S. these in 2013.
  • Invited to several guest lectures in the area of smart microgrid, energy systems, and power electronics. 
  • Received several awards and scholarships. 

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