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General Course Information

Laboratory Manual:

EECE 589 Circuits and Machines Laboratory, by Dr. Gary L. Johnson

Recommended Text:

Circuits, Devices, and Systems, by R. J. Smith (519 text)

Meeting Place:

33 Rathbone Hall (it's in the basement!)


Shelli Starrett, Ph.D.
Office & Office hours: 291 Rathbone Hall, MWF 1:30 pm
Phone & Email: 532-4689, starret@ksu.edu


Wael Ibrahim
Email: ibrahim@ksu.edu
Office: Rathbone 273 or 33
Phone: 532-4674
Deia Bayoumi
Email: deia@ksu.edu
Office: Rathbone 44 or 33

Link to Course Description:

EECE 589

Lab Schedule:

Week Starting: Block Extra Activities Remarks
Aug. 24AReview of Lab & Safety
Aug. 31BSafety Quiz
Sep. 7No ClassLabor Day
Sep. 14C
Sep. 21D
Sep. 28EQuiz 1
Oct. 5F
Oct. 12H
Oct. 19No ClassNAPS
Oct. 26IQuiz 2
Nov. 2J
Nov. 9K
Nov. 16L
Nov. 23M
Nov. 30NQuiz 3Last Lab
Dec. 7No Class

Grading Policy:

Item to be GradedFraction of Grade
Safety Quiz2%
Quiz 110%
Quiz 210%
Quiz 310%
Class Participation8%
Lab reports60%

Point breakdown for individual lab reports (100 pts total)

Shelli Starrett


August 24, 1998