K-State ECE 526 Course Cell Phone Teardown

A Relatively Modern Slider, Touchscreen Phone Taken Apart and Put Under the Microscope (Literally)













The pictures below show some of the guts of modern cell phone electronics miniaturization.  Most of the electronics takes place within the integrated circuits (small black squares on the printed circuit boards).  However, there is also considerable engineering in the PC board assemblies, connectors, RF shielding, and packaging in general.  Some of the "Thin-Film Transistor" technology used in the display is also shown in the photos taken with the microscope.  Although the transistors seen in the photos are much larger than those used in integrated circuits, they employ the same types of devices (FETs) and processes (multi-layer metals and vias/contacts).  The last photo shows the liquid crystal materal that is mated to the TFT pixel array.  Here's a site that explains a little of how the screen magic works:  http://www.ercservice.com/learning/what-is-tft-lcd.html  *.


A_001_resize.jpg A_002_resize.jpg A_003_resize.jpg A_004_resize.jpg
A_005_resize.jpg A_006_resize.jpg A_006_zoomed.jpg A_007_resize.jpg
A_008_resize.jpg A_009_resize.jpg A_010_resize.jpg A_011_resize.jpg
A_012_resize.jpg A_013_resize.jpg A_014_resize.jpg A_015_resize.jpg
A_016.jpg A_016_resize.jpg A_017_resize.jpg A_017_zoomed.jpg
A_018_zoomed.jpg A_019_resize.jpg A_019_zoomed.jpg A_020_cropped.jpg
A_020_resize.jpg A_021_cropped.jpg A_021_resize.jpg A_022_resize.jpg


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