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Biomedical Computing and Devices Laboratory

Biomedical Computing and Devices Lab

Kansas State University
3098 Engineering Hall
1701D Platt St
Manhattan, KS 66506

Phone: (785) 532-3358

Email: prakashp@ksu.edu



Global Endometrial Microwave AblationMicrowave endometrial ablation

Thermal ablation is a dominant therapeutic option for minimally invasive treatment of menorrhagia. Compared to other energy modalities for ablation, microwaves offer the advantages of conformal energy delivery to tissue within short times. The objective of endometrial ablation is to destroy the endometrial lining of the uterine cavity, with the clinical goal of achieving reduction in bleeding.


Small-animal Hyperthermia Platform Integrated with 14T MRI

Hyperthermia platform

Integrating small-animal experimental hyperthermia instrumentation with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) affords real-time monitoring of spatial temperature profiles. In this research, we are developing and characterizing an in vivo 2.45 GHz microwave hyperthermia system for pre-clinical small animal investigations, integrated within a 14 T ultra-high-field MRI scanner.

Minimally Invasive Microwave Ablation

Microwave ablation

Microwave ablation (MWA) is a minimally invasive thermal therapy modality increasingly employed for the treatment of tumors and benign disease. For successful treatment, complete thermal coverage of the tumor and margin of surrounding healthy tissue must be achieved. Finite-element method simulations are employed to optimize the geometric dimensions of the antenna with the objective of minimizing the antenna reflection coefficient at the operating frequency and shaping the ablation pattern.