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Hours: 8 am-12pm, 1pm-5pm M-F

Evaluation of software defined networking (SDN) for communication and control of cyber physical systems

In this project, we use operations research approaches and network simulation/emulation platforms (e.g. Mininet) to model and test communication network applications in cyber physical systems, where the smart grid is the system under consideration. The Smart Grid including the applications of advanced computer, communications, and power technologies is to obtain a highly automated, responsive, and resilient transmission and distribution infrastructure. At the transmission level, the communication architecture will create a smart infrastructure that can detect and mitigate faults faster than faults propagate. This provides utility operators with improved efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, middleboxes are used to enhance network security and performances, bringing stateful-policy-routing and network-resource-allocation problems. Software defined networking techniques bring flexibility and programmability of network equipment to solve these problems and experiment with our proposed models. Our project is to address some key issues to allow rigorous experimentation and analysis of smart grid networking solutions in the real-world environment. This work incorporates the Smart Grid resources from the Smart Grid Lab at K-State and networking resources of both K-State and the GENI (Global Environment for Network Innovations) testbed on the national scale.


Don Gruenbacher

Caterina Scoglio

Haotian Wu 

Xin Li



Size-based Flow Management Enabling Dynamic DMZ, GEC21, October 2014

Secure and Reliable OpenFlow Networks for Smart Grids, Electrical Power Affiliates Program (EPAP) Day, Kansas State University, September 2014


Size-based Flow Management and Future Work, Work in Progress Session, GEC23, June 2015


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