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Wu Research Group

Contact Information

Hongyu Wu, Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor

Michelle Munson-Serban Simu Keystone Research Faculty Scholar

ECE Department
Kansas State University
3093 Engineering Hall,
1707D Platt St. Manhattan, KS 66506
Office: 785-532-4588

Fax: 785-532-1188

Email: HongyuWu@ksu.edu

Webpage: http://www.ece.k-state.edu/people/faculty/wu/


Book Chapters

[B1] M. Shahidehpour and H. Wu, “Hourly demand response as an alternative to flexible ramping of thermal units in stochastic operation of electric power systems with non-dispatchable energy sources”, Handbook of Clean Energy Systems, June 2015.

Refereed Journal Publications

[J37] B. Liu and H. Wu, “Optimal D-FACTS placement in moving target defense against false data injection attacks”, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, In Press.

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[J35] M. Faqiry, L. EdmondsH. Wu, and A. Pahwa, “Distribution LMP-based transactive day-ahead market with variable renewable generation”, Applied EnergyIn Press. 

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Refereed Conference Publications and Technical Reports

[C28] B. Liu, L. Edmonds, H. Zhang, and H. Wu, “An interior-point solver for optimal power flow problems considering distributed FACTS devices”, 2020 IEEE Kansas Power & Energy Conference, In Press.

[C27] L. Edmonds, B. Liu, H. Zhang, C. Scoglio, D. Gruenbacher, and H. Wu, “Blockchain-enabled transactive home energy management systems in distribution networks”, 2020 IEEE Kansas Power & Energy Conference, In Press.

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