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GEMFsim has been designed and initially written by Faryad Darabi Sahneh at Kansas State University.

GEMFsim is a software tool that implements the generalized formulation of the epidemic spreading problem and the related modeling solution:

GEMFsim: a stochastic simulator for the generalized epidemic modeling framework
FD Sahneh, A Vajdi, H Shakeri, F Fan, C Scoglio
Journal of Computational Science, 2017

GEMFsim is based on the following paper:

Generalized Epidemic Mean-Field Model for Spreading Processes over Multi-Layer Complex networks (pdf)
FD Sahneh, C Scoglio, P Van Mieghem
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, vol. 21, no.5, 1609-1620, 2013

GEMFsim  implementations

MATLABFaryad SahnehMatlab_Manual MATLAB
PythonHeman ShakeriPython_ManualPYTHON
RAram VajdiR_ManualR
CFuting FanC_ManualC
MATLABHaotian Wu Animation_Manual 

Please email faryad@ksu.edu or caterina@ksu.edu if you are interested in GEMF


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